Remember To Laugh

Our most urgent shortage during the pandemic isn’t toilet paper – it’s laughter. Why do we need to smile during the crisis? Check out Tom Davenport’s video for his answer. He makes the case that laughing is as important as ever, and offers a couple of rhyming tidbits that should elicit a chuckle or two.

Tips For Electronic Meetings

How did your latest electronic meeting go? A little rough around the edges? If so, take a look at Tom Davenport’s latest video. He makes some suggestions for improvement and offers a couple of rhyming snippets that should make you smile.

A Streetcar Named Undesirable

Public transit can be torture, but this comic video will evoke a laugh – and perhaps a grimace – at the weirdness of your morning commute to work. If you’ve ever rubbed body parts against strangers on a crowded bus or train, these rhymes and scenes will bring it all back for you.


This sarcastically funny video-and-verse combination captures the stress of drifting on the sluggish river of asphalt that takes you to your career-altering meeting. When freeways become parking lots and the carpool lane offers the only escape, moral compromise is inevitable, as this video wryly suggests.


Watch this satirically humorous video and chuckle at the experience of being stuck on plane delayed for no discernable reason. The poem and the video scenes will elicit a smile about the stresses that make air travel both excruciating and absurdly, if tragically, amusing.