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Thomas O. Davenport
Thomas O. DavenportAuthor & Consultant

Who Is Thomas O. Davenport?

Tom reckons his experience forms the perfect foundation for writing humorous verse, short fiction and more serious articles about working and living in the modern world. That experience? Plenty of first-hand exposure to rich topics, augmented by excellent typing skills.

During three decades as a consultant and director with a global human resource advisory firm, Tom observed (and, to his occasional chagrin, helped reinforce) many of the cultural phenomena that make our collective experience both absurd and ironic. Drawing on this background, he hopes to provide readers with a poetic pause, a few moments of fiction to reduce the duress of stress resulting from life’s banal battering.

For those interested in a more serious treatment, Tom has authored a number of business articles and three business books. Find out more about this material here.