Tom has had more than 30 years’ experience as a human resource strategy consultant. He specializes in manager behavior, stress management and consumer-driven human resource strategies.
His mission: to improve the working lives of employees in large and small enterprises, and by doing so to make both employees and their organizations healthier and more successful.

Thomas O. Davenport

Published work

My books and articles touch on a few consistent themes:

  • Savvy organizations adopt a consumer-driven approach to human resource management.
  • This means they craft and deliver an appealing value proposition that encourages employees to invest their human capital (knowledge, skill, talent and behavior) in their jobs and their organizations.
  • Workplace stress comes in many forms and can enhance or diminish individual health and productivity and increase or erode human capital investment.
  • Manager behavior profoundly affects the value people derive from their work and the stress they experience every day in the workplace.

Humorous poems to get you through the work day.

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Three Ways Humor Reduces Workplace Stress

By |March 31st, 2019|

When the American Psychological Association studies stress in the U.S., their findings routinely identify work as one of the top three sources of elevated anxiety. The other major sources vary, from money worries to fear [...]

Tom has written three books on employee workplace experience.